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You are the sweet, cheer-leading friend. You are the kind of woman who puts pen to paper. You believe in the art of letter writing. You appreciate handcrafted, unique work and are the kind of woman who gives more than receives.

At Aqua & Opal Studio, we focus on creating unique, thoughtful, and uplifting paper goods for young and considerate women, in order to encourage and spread cheer.

Meet Audrey

The creative and artistic entrepreneur behind Aqua & Opal Studio is Audrey. Audrey has loved the art of card making and letter writing from a young age. Only a few years ago did she dive back in and immerse herself in the stationery world.

Most of the time, you can find Audrey spending time with her family, friends, reading, and working on her side-hustle.

In 2017

After much encouragement from family and friends, I started Aqua & Opal Studio. My style is simple and hand-drawn in order to keep the main message front and center. My shop collections are for the old-fashioned, sweet, thoughtful and uplifting woman.

Photo taken by:  Holly Felts .

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