Shop Launch 2017

The day has finally come! We are so excited to be launching our shop today. We have our day-to-day and Christmas cards launching together. The day-to-day greeting cards consist of birthday and thank you cards. The card designs in the shop are ones that my family and friends have enjoyed and thought it was time for me to share with the rest of the world.

Nothing beats sending a beautifully illustrated and hand-lettered card to your family and friends for their birthday. The gesture for sending a card on their special day means the world to the recipient. It makes them feel known and loved. Out of all the different gifts they receive for their birthday, they will keep the card you sent them with your thoughtful words because that means more to them than anything else money can buy.

Birthday cards are always good to have on hand since birthdays tend to sneak up on us. You'll never have to rush to the store the night before or the day of to get the right birthday card. We have two sets of birthday cards in our shop. Our sets come with four cards and envelopes.


A simple thank you note has never gone out of style. We have a set of four cards and envelopes so you can keep a stash at your desk to use at a moments notice.


Lastly, we have our Christmas and holiday greeting cards to share. The Christmas season has always been a big time of the year for my family. My father has loved Christmas his whole life and has shared that love with me and my sisters. Our house is all decorated (we have so many decorations we end up keeping some out all year long) the day after Thanksgiving. By the first of December we start receiving Christmas cards from family and friends.

At our house we don't just put the cards in a pile, but we hang each card up as a display to look at all of the different designs. It warms our hearts to see all of the different cards we receive from family and friends. It makes us feel loved and known, even if we get the cards after Christmas day, it's the thought that counts. 

We aren't just the only ones that hang up our Christmas cards as a display, my grandmother and aunt do the same thing. Although the art of sending Christmas cards has slowly been dropping off, it's the time of the year when people send a longer note in their cards, catching up what is new with their family and to send a nice family photo or two.

This year, two of our Christmas cards have meaning behind the reason for the season and two are light-hearted. Since you will be sending out more cards to all of those you love, we have twenty cards in each set. While you are writing your Christmas cards, we have a playlist for you to listen to. You can find it here.