Our First Craft Show

This past Sunday I woke up early and took a look at my phone like I do every morning. I saw that I had a text message from my uncle saying that at his parish there was an opening for a table at the craft fair at his parish that day since someone did not show up. I asked him what time the craft show started. He quickly replied that the show started at 9 a.m. I looked at my clock and it was just 8 a.m. so I jumped out of bed, changed and grabbed a few cards I could start with. I asked my parents to bring more cards with them later.

After I got to the parish, I set up the table and realized how unprofessional my table looked. Only a handful of greeting cards and post-it notes with the description and prices of the card sets we were selling was my display. I was embarrassed, but considering the circumstances, I knew I would sell a few cards. 

There were not many people walking around the craft show, but I did have a few buyers and some more people taking business cards to go shopping online later since they didn't have cash with them. I felt proud with how much I had sold, even if it wasn't very much. The experience got me out of my comfort zone and was a chance to have a little bit of experience under my belt. I chatted with a few of the vendors about how they were doing and what other craft shows they were going to be at later this year.

A number of people came up to the table and said that they liked that the cards were hand-drawn and cute. Some let me know I had talent and that they liked the craft work.

The popular greeting cards of the day were: the Cupcake set, Happy Holidays set, and Oh Holy Night set. Below are some pictures I took while at the craft show:

Lessons Learned and Ways to Prepare for the Next Show

Since the craft show was on the slower side, I had some time to think about the display I would like to do for the next craft show. I also needed to have cash on hand as change (if I knew I was doing the craft show beforehand, I would have had some). I would also brings snacks to eat, coffee, and water since I was by myself at the table and didn't want to wander too far away and leave the table unattended. I would like to make some signs and have small bags to place the cards in once purchased. Those were just a few thoughts on what I would like to do for the next craft show, but I am sure I will think of more ideas before I get the next opportunity.

I hope that we can go back and do the same craft show next year since it is local to our small business.