Christmas 2018 Gift Guide: The Religious

Another gift guide is here! This one is for those that are looking for religious gifts. It hasn’t been that long now that I have dove back into my faith. So this year I thought it would be nice to put together a short gift guide of some of the religious products that I admire from other small business owners.

I met Jennifer Edewaard through a mastermind a few months ago. She creates some amazing journals with prompts that help you grow closer to the Lord. The journal comes in a variety of colors and bundles. She also has a shop full of other products you should look at.


Sweet Lou Designs has a number of wood designs and this one with the Serenity Prayer will be perfect to have displayed in your home.

I have been following Be a Heart for over a year now. After watching a video about her story, I just admire her work and her story. Her story really encouraged me that I can open a shop and share the gift God has given me with the rest of the world.

It’s hard to pick just one item to share from her shop. I like the Servant Song so I thought I would share the art print she has available in her shop. She also has Our Lady of Guadalupe swaddle blanket that is on pre-sale.


I use Val Marie Paper’s Yearly Prayer Journal everyday. I find it absolutely perfect to have a place to write down all the people I want to pray for and have a space for writing what is on my heart and writing one thing I am grateful for each day. She also has a few other products and resources that you should look at too.

I discovered Natalie Met Lewis through Val Marie Paper (they are twins!). When I was single I really enjoyed reading her blog posts and working through her devotional for single women. Since then she has added more products to her shop that are really worth looking at. I still enjoy reading her blog posts as well which can be read for a women in the single, dating, or married season.


Lindsay of Full Heart Co. has such a Christ-like heart. She has several mugs that are faith based, but this mug is my favorite. Who doesn’t need a reminder that it’s ok to use dry shampoo and remember to thank Jesus for a great day coming ahead?

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex of Prairie Letter Shop at a creative conference last year. She is such a sweet woman and was a HUGE help when I had questions about starting my business. You can tell she is a follower of Jesus and loves others well.

I have this art print and mug from her shop that I have at the office and like having the reminder everyday. Her other art prints are beautiful as well.

Photo Aug 05, 11 23 20 AM.jpg

This is one of my favorite new art prints that was added to my shop. This Bible verse from Proverbs 31:25 has stuck with me since I was single after ending a horrible relationship. Now, I like looking at it when I feel anxious about the future.

So these are just a few of my favorites. I will be sharing more gift guides over the coming weeks so you have plenty of time to buy them (especially if there are any custom products) before Christmas.

Disclaimer: I did not ask for the above entrepreneurs to participate, I specifically chose them and am not making any money off of this gift guide. I have put together these gift guides to promote the importance of supporting small business, especially those run by women.