What I am Thankful For

In a way it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is only a few days away. The second half of this year has flown by so, so fast.

After a rough week at the time when I wrote this blog post, I decided I needed to share what I am thankful for. It’s easy to take for granted so many wonderful things we are blessed with in this one life we have.

Ten big things I am thankful for this year:

  1. God: although there are many rough patches I have faced over this year - anxiety and depression are the main ones - I have learned that God makes us stronger during these tough times. There is a lesson to be learned and that God will be by us and guiding us to remind us that we are not alone.

  2. Family: they have been supportive of my dreams, have helped me when I am down. They want what is best for me. We have fun adventures together.

  3. My boyfriend: he has been supportive of my dreams of having a side-business, out future together, there for me when I have had good days and bad days. He has opened me up to new experiences and we have had many wild adventures and wonderful memories.

  4. Friends: I have a few close friends that I keep in tough with. They are understanding and supportive of my dreams. Although we don’t see each other as often as we used to, we still keep in contact on a regular basis.

  5. A Job: some people are not as fortunate as I to have a full-time job with great benefits. Although there are times when my job causes me great anxiety, I know that it is just job and is not something that should define my life.

  6. My Health: I am so blessed to be healthy. Yes, I do have anxiety including panic attacks, but in the grand scheme of things my health is much better than others. Some are going through cancer and other life threatening health issues.

  7. A Home: I might not live in a palace or big house, but I am lucky to have somewhere to live.

  8. Food: having food to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  9. Clothing: being able to have nice clothes, a coat for when it is cold.

  10. Finances: I am lucky to say that I have no loans or debt. I have been saving up enough money for the future and other things.

Bonus: my side-business since it is something I am passionate about. I see how it makes other people happy when they send a card to a friend/family member. How they like to dress up their walls with an art print. Thank you to my customers that have supported my small business.

I hope this Thanksgiving that you remember all the little things you are thankful for, especially when you are down and life seems pretty bad. Life isn’t as bad as what it seems. There is so much to be grateful for.