Goals for December 2018

MY November 2018 GOALS WERE:

I did so many different craft fairs and pop-ups this month. I really enjoy getting out and meeting people and selling my work as well as getting feedback from people attending the shows and pop-ups. I still have a few more in December if you are interested in attending. I didn’t get as much done as I would like, but I know I will be able to wrap up those projects in December.


  • Valentine/Winter Collection - Started working on it. Will finish up in December.
  • Freebies for 2019 - January to June - I did start working on January - March freebie content.
  • Plan out my business finances for 2019 - This was fun.
  • Black Friday/Shop Small Saturday/Cyber Monday plan - I did this. Sadly it didn't go as well as I thought but it was a good learning experience.


  • Marmalead for Etsy SEO - I actually have switched to EtsyRank.
  • Blog Posts - Did so many of these this months and proud of how well and many I did.
  • Social Media plan - I did every week.
  • Finances - I like checking my finances each week.
  • Bake at least once a week - This was fun and relaxing, especially treating my family to sweet treats.


  • Prayer
  • Workout - did not even start at all. #fail
  • Read

MY December 2018 GOALS ARE:

This month is going to be super busy with finishing up projects and getting ready for Christmas. I am excited for a few more events and working on new products coming in January. Sign up for my emails so you can get a sneak peek before anyone else. I’m already getting excited about 2019 and everything that I have already started planning for my business.


  • Valentine/Winter Collection - finish and prep for launch in January

  • Freebies for 2019 - January to March - finish up

  • Grandmother cards - make 10 custom cards for each one


  • Etsy SEO

  • Blog Posts

  • Social Media plan

  • Finances


  • Prayer

  • Read

I'll let you know at the beginning of January how my December goals went. I haven't included everything for my goals in this blog post because some are too personal to share. What are some of your goals for the month? Comment them below because I really want to know!