Goals for April 2018

I am pretty proud with how well I accomplished my March goals. As I started to look ahead in April, I realized I needed to shift some of my goals for a busier season I will be in.



Mastermind - I joined a group of shop owners to meet for five months to learn and support each other's businesses. - Doing well with this.

Spring cards - More new cards since I am in the mood to draw and paint flowers - Did not happen this month.


Update email campaigns - Good to keep it updated with the latest content and products I have in my shop - I did this once.

Clean up room - Time for some spring cleaning - Did a pretty good job

Social Media plan - This way I am not figuring out what to post on the fly - Did a good job every week.


Prayer journal and study - Spending time in prayer in the morning to reflect on the day ahead and to reflect on how my day was and to be thankful for the opportunities I was given that day - Did this every day

Read - I would like to read more books instead of scrolling on social media and watching TV - yes - Did this every day

Take a lunch break - I am starting to get better at this - Got much better at taking a real lunch break and not just sitting at my desk.

MY April 2018 GOALS ARE:


  • Business planning for the rest of year

  • Continue Mastermind

  • Catch up on Society for Creative Founders Courses

  • Create new greeting cards

  • National Letter Writing Month challenge on Instagram


  • Blog post - 5 overall

  • Cook dinner - 1x a week

  • Social media plan for the week

  • Continue to clean my room


  • Prayer

  • Lunch break

  • Abs

  • Walk


I'll let you know at the beginning of May how my April goals went. I haven't included everything for my goals in this blog post because some are too personal to share. What are some of your goals for the month?