My Prayer Routine

Some of you have messaged me on my Instagram Stories about my prayer routine. After struggling with my faith during my college years and a year after I moved back home from college. I came back into my faith after I started searching around for different groups around my age to learn more about the Bible and Catholicism. After starting my business and using Instagram I saw how many artists, calligraphers, stationers, and photographers appeared close to their faith and weren't afraid of sharing. That's how I discovered Val Marie Paper, She Reads Truth, and Well-Watered Women. I use a combination of their products in my prayer routine.


I read New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp each morning before I go to work. There is one devotional each day with further Bible readings. I like this devotional because I like that I can use it year to year because the dates do not have a day of the week or year. I pull out my She Reads Truth Bible app to read the further readings and to highlight verses that stick out to me for the season I am in.



Before I go to bed, I pull out a devotional or study I am reading (I'll write a roundup about the devotionals and studies I have done so far and give you a review of them). I put on some Christian music I like to get into the zone and put my mind in the right mindset. After the song is over, I read through the devotional and make notes along the way.

I then go through my Val Marie Paper Yearly Prayer Journal. The Yearly Prayer Journals are sold out, but you can buy the undated Prayer Journal here. I start off with writing in the back section reasons why I am grateful for what happened with my day. I then go through and pray for intentions for family and friends. I also pray for things I need help in my life. I read through verses and quotes I find drawn to each month. I will go over in more detail how I use my Yearly Prayer Journal in my Instagram Stories or, if you are really interested, I will write a blog post on how I use my journal.


What is your prayer routine? I'd really and truly like to know. If you also have questions about my routine, I will answer them in the comments below.