Goals for June 2019

May was a big month for me on a personal level. I have been looking for a job full-time while I am slowly growing this business. I now have that full-time job so I am happy after a few months of searching (which feels so much longer than it really was). Then my sister graduated from grad school and we helped her move home. So needless to say, this month was a busy and exciting one.



  • Continue to job search -> a minimum of 10 a week I am done with the search for awhile
  • Work on Christmas products - I started this but haven't gotten very far


  • Etsy SEO - I am excited to have gone through and worked on a course where I learned more on how to search for better keywords.
  • Work on Society for Creative Founders courses - I did this a little bit
  • Social Media plan
  • Reach out to local small businesses for wholesale - I did reach out to a few but not many.


  • Prayer
  • Read
  • Text one friend a day - did rather pourly on this
  • Get moving - I did this on the few nice days we had

MY June 2019 GOALS ARE:

I started listening to Cultivate Your Life to get some inspiration of where I need to focus my life and continue to use the Powersheets to align my goals and keep them realistic for the month.

There are several things I am going to be doing this month, and one of those things is working out again. One of my followers on Instagram has been asking me each month to join her accountability group and I decided to join now that I have some income and it will help me to workout in 30 minutes or less without going to the gym. I’m also going to break down my tasks for my business each day so I accomplish everything I need to in small pieces. This month is going to be exciting as summer begins.


  • Meet with one friend a week

  • Work on new products

  • Write new schedule

  • Find a place to donate to

  • Clean room ——> minimize things


  • Etsy SEO

  • Work on Society for Creative Founders courses

  • Social Media plan

  • Reach out to local small businesses for wholesale

  • Work on growing email list

  • Check finances

  • Play flute

  • Blog 2x a week


  • Prayer

  • Read

  • Workout

  • No soda

I'll let you know at the beginning of July I will share how my June goals went. I haven't included everything for my goals in this blog post because some are too personal to share. What are some of your goals for the month? Comment them below because I really want to know!