Goals for July 2019

June went by very fast! I have become adjusted again working full-time and am figuring out when to work on my own business. I launched new birthday cards in June. I was also on two podcasts. You can listen to the first here and the second here.



  • Meet with one friend a week - I did really great but didn't meet up with one of my friends that I wanted to.
  • Work on new products - I started researching a new product that a few of you are interested in having me add to the shop
  • Write new schedule
  • Find a place to donate to
  • Clean room ——> minimize things - I did a little bit but not very much.


  • Etsy SEO - I started to do a good job but the last two weeks I neglected working on it.
  • Work on Society for Creative Founders courses - did not work on this
  • Social Media plan
  • Reach out to local small businesses for wholesale - I did a few shops
  • Work on growing email list
  • Check finances
  • Play flute - I need to get my flute cleaned out so this didn't work out very well
  • Blog 2x a week - I only blogged once a week


  • Prayer
  • Read
  • Workout - I did this three days a week
  • No soda - I mostly did this but the last few days I caved in and had a soda


July is going to be a super busy month. Every weekend this month I have something going on. I guess that is summer for you. So this month I am keeping my goals pretty light keeping in mind that I won’t have a lot of extra time to do a lot of things. I want to be intentional with my goals this month.


  • Meet with one friend or family member 1x this month

  • Work on new products

  • New Course

  • Put together a big sale this month


  • Etsy SEO

  • Work on Society for Creative Founders courses

  • Social Media plan

  • Reach out to local small businesses for wholesale

  • Email

  • Check finances

  • Blog 1x a week


  • Prayer

  • Read

  • Workout

  • No soda

I'll let you know at the beginning of August how my July goals went. I haven't included everything for my goals in this blog post because some are too personal to share. What are some of your goals for the month? Comment them below because I really want to know!