What I Learned in My Second Year of Business

Two years ago I opened up I opened up my shop. The first year was a learning curve and this year it has been figuring out balance amongst different seasons of life.

After my first year, I realized that I needed to focus more on my Etsy shop and SEO. I could post on social media, but with the algorithms changing constantly I knew my products were not getting out there for people to see. I am still not getting as many sales as I would like, but to be honest, I have put my shop on the back burner this year to find a new job while I was laid off. Then I got engaged and hit the ground running on planning for the big event next year. I have also felt uninspired with designing new products.

Five of my favorite moments this year:

  1. Connecting with local artists to work on a local craft fair at a nursing home. One of the older ladies living at the nursing home really wanted an art print of mine, but didn’t have the money for it. So I gave it to her. Yes, my accountant will probably kill me for giving away a product for free, but I seeing her happy was priceless.

  2. Creating Easter cards to a local church to give to their parishioners. I had them printed using gold foil which made me so excited. Someday when my business is bigger and more cards sell, I will use more gold foil on my cards.

  3. Having two products featured in Stationery Trends magazine.

  4. Make a buyer happy by turning around her order quickly.

  5. Christmas in July sale was a hit! Lots of mystery boxes went out. I’ll definitely be bringing it back soon to the shop.

This year I am proud of what I have accomplished as I still navigate my business. During the last few months of 2019, I am going to be thinking over what direction I would like to take my business in 2020 and beyond. I know I said this last year, but I plan on planning out new products coming to the shop next year, blog posts, emails, and working on systems to better streamline my business.

Thank you for your support and being on this journey with me.

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