Engagement Story

Since it is exactly one year from when I am getting married, I am sharing my perspective of how I got asked a very important question.

I didn’t sleep very well, so I just decided to get up early. I got up made coffee and finished working on some groomsmen cards for my future brother-in-law. I made another cup of coffee and had breakfast. Then I did my nails and took a shower. I got dressed and blow-dried my hair. I sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather before Geoffrey came over to pick me up to go to the city to meet up with his sister and brother-in-law for lunch by the Chicago River.

We drove to the Forest Park “L” stop and got on the train. Geoffrey was talking a lot and texting a couple of friends and I told him he was very popular. I saw the names but not the conversations he was having. We enjoyed the ride and got off at the Clark/Lake stop.

We walked toward the river and Geoffrey said that his sister and brother-in-law were down the river “behind us.” So I saw the entrance to get down to the river and pointed it out to Geoffrey. He seemed hesitant and there were a lot of people coming up the stairs anyways. He started walking to the next entrance down so I just followed. Geoffrey got on the phone to call Molly to tell her where we were while I looked at a sign by the river.

After I was done reading the sign, Geoffrey was waiting for me. He said “Let’s walk this way.” I followed him right by the river and he stopped and turned back to me and asked me to stand in front of him so he could take a photo of me. I thought it was odd because he never asked for me to pose for a photo in our three years of dating. I was the one that usually asked him to do that for me. I went along with it because there is a first time for everything. Geoffrey asked me to take off my sunglasses so I did and then moved my purse around too. He looked ready to take a photo and then all of a sudden he went down on one knee. He pulled out a ring box from his pocket and said “You already know what I am going to say. Audrey, will you marry me?” I was processing and enjoying the moment as my heart was thumping. I saw Geoffrey was looking shaky and turning white. I was so happy and said “Yes.” He got up and shakily put the ring of my finger. We kissed and people were cheering and clapping. Then I hugged him because I was embarrassed by all of the people there. He then pointed out the sign behind us on the bridge: “Clark-Street” (my future last name will be Clark).

Photo by Katie  Goray

Photo by Katie Goray

Geoffrey had his phone on the ground and then all of a sudden a guy came and took it. I was going to say something to Geoffrey about his phone being stolen but then Geoffrey seemed to know him. I didn’t realize it was his friend Patrick and then his wife, Katie, came up with two plastic cups of champaign that said “Just Engaged 9/7/2019.” It was so thoughtful. It turns out Geoffrey had Patrick take photos of the engagement. I was shaking and so happy and just wanted to be with Geoffrey and savor the time alone together.

Patrick took a few more photos of us with the bridge in the background. He told me that Geoffrey and him scouted out the area back in June. I was in disbelief that Geoffrey kept a secret that long. After Patrick and Katie left us. Geoffrey and I walked to another part of the river walk and called our parents. They were very happy for us. His mom told me that Geoffrey had the ring custom made to the style I wanted. I also found out Molly and Steven were never going to meet up with us and it was all a ploy. We then went for lunch and enjoyed eating and looking at the river. Geoffrey told me he asked my dad back in July when we went on vacation with my parents. He started planning this back in April. His parents, his sister, brother-in-law, and my dad knew it was coming (my dad didn’t know the specific details).

Photo by Patrick Goray

Photo by Patrick Goray

After lunch, we walked down the river walk again. It was just perfect to enjoy the time alone before sharing the news with everyone else in our lives. We saw a setup for a couple to get engaged and then lots of wedding parties. We stopped and got ice cream. Then headed back to Forest Park. We then visited his mom’s mom to show her the ring and share the good news. I called my grandma to tell her the news and lastly showed my other grandma the ring and shared the news. We saw my parents and Jean and Andy. We told Geoffrey’s other grandma the next day the good news.

We already have much of our wedding planned, so I was hoping that if you can, to share some marriage advice in the comments below.