Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration for Envelope Addressing

Since this month is National Letter Writing Month, I wanted to share some fun ways you can decorate and address your envelopes. I am also going to share some resources and stationers I follow that do an awesome job with decorating envelopes.

I like to use this handy Lettermate tool so I can write addresses straight. Here is a quick video of how to use it:

To keep addressing simple, you can write in your nicest lettering OR you can learn how to do calligraphy or faux calligraphy (I mostly do this). I found books through the library and other resources such as those photographed below. You can also use Skillshare for calligraphy and hand lettering. It does take practice so don’t get discouraged. You will see progress the more you practice just like with any other hobby or interest you have that requires practice.

I also like to use rubber stamps, stickers, and washi tape to decorate the envelope (it’s the best tape because you can peel it off and reposition it again if you need to.

Here are some stationers I follow that are inspirational:

  • One of my favorite stationers, Val from Lily & Val, wrote a few blog posts on envelope art, supplies to have on hand, and more.

  • The Postman Knock has this video tutorial and this post to get you started.

  • Thomas Jockin encourages others to be pen pals and step up their envelope art. You can follow along on his Instagram here.

  • Pretty by Post is a friend I met through a mastermind group. She has written blog posts for snail mail ideas and also did a 30 day writing challenge last year. You can read the first day of the challenge here.

  • Hello World Paper Co. has the cutest rubber stamps to add an extra element to your envelope decorating.

  • For daily inspiration, follow #nomoreboringenvelopes on Instagram.