How to Use My Zippered Bags for Letter Writing

I thought I would share how to use our new zippered bags since there are many ways to use them. My shop does have the option to buy the bag itself or in a bundle which includes 10 greeting cards and a pen.

At first when I was working on this new product I thought it would be a great tool to keep all of your letter writing needs in one place. I did see a couple of other similar products, but the greeting cards were always in a box which is not portable. So I went a step further and thought of using a zippered bag that was slightly larger than a pencil case to hold greeting cards and more. I thought it was important to be able to write on the go so the bag can fit in your purse, backpack, glove compartment, to keep in/on your desk, and many other places.

When filling 10 random greeting cards in your bag for you, I kept in mind the different primary needs you would have such as writing a card to someone on their birthday, anniversary, thank you, and just because. This way you have the essentials on hand. Just remember to buy more cards and stationery to replenish your bag. You can buy more cards from my shop or from another stationer/greeting card company.

Here are some other items to add to your bag that will make letter writing easier and more fun:

  • Lettermate - You can find this several places such as Paper Source, but you can also find it here.

  • Different colored pens/markers - You can find at any store.

  • Washi tape - This tape can dress up envelopes. The tape is also versatile where you can reposition it a couple of times.

  • Postage Stamps - You can go to your local post office or order them online.

  • Return Address - Sometimes I use the return address stickers I get for free in the mail OR if you want, I now have custom return address stamps available in my shop (you will just need to buy an ink pad).

  • Stickers - Add some fun to your envelope with stickers like this.

I can’t wait to hear how having a place to store you lettering writing materials all in one place changes your letter writing for the better.