Using Reusable Bags at Farmers Markets

This past weekend I went to a local farmers market that I went to once last year. I enjoyed going last year and want to make a point of going more often. One thing I noticed the first time I went was people taking reusable bags with them to place their goods in their bag. It’s a clever idea especially if some of the vendors don’t have a bag or run out of bags for you to use.

This time I brought my own bag with me and was so excited to fill my bag with goods. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived the donuts were all gone, most of the produce was gone, and vendors were packing up. So I learned my lesson for the next time I go to the same market or a different one: go early.

Here are two things (delicious raspberry jam and yummy asparagus) that I picked up from the market this past weekend:

Photo May 25, 2 53 49 PM.jpg

Moving forward, not only will I be using my bag for farmers markets, but also at the grocery store. Some grocery stores by me charge for a plastic or paper bag to put your groceries in. One thing I will just have to remember to do is to put my bag in the car with me. when I go shopping. If I do that after I empty out groceries and goods from the farmers market, I can also use it when I go to the library to carry my books instead of all in my hand.

Photo May 25, 11 50 53 AM.jpg

Have you used a reusable bag when you go shopping? How do you like it? Do you have a strategy?

Maybe I will start a blog series on farmers market finds and report how everything was that I am trying.