Fall Launch 2018

I am so excited that my fall launch is officially here! Fall is my favorite season and this year I feel these cards, art print, and notepad best represent what I love most about fall. 

In the fall I love looking out at our maple tree, Penny (yes, I have named our family's tree), to see the beautiful orange, yellow, and red colors. I also enjoy getting cozy wearing boots, plaid, sweaters, scarves, and drinking lots of coffee. 

One of my favorite fall pastimes is going apple picking with my family. We don't necessarily go to the same place year after year anymore, but it is still a fun family bonding time. My family and I also go to a local pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin to carve. We also like to make lots of pumpkin pies. I believe last year we made 10 pumpkin pies throughout the fall and winter months!

If you are a BIG list maker you are in luck! I wanted to add a fun notepad to my fall collection since I make so many lists (I come from a family that makes lots of lists). I like how small the notepad is so it can easily fit in my purse. I also like the reminder hand-written across the top of the notepad that "You are amazing."

Motivational quotes are always hanging up on my wall to get me through tough days. My hope is to motivate others with words that will keep them moving during days when it seems impossible to keep going.

So this fall I encourage you to send some pretty snail mail to family and friends. The greeting cards in my launch have bright, bold colors that will surely brighten their day. Maybe you can even just buy one for yourself and display it on your wall. Make lists for what you want to do this fall, your grocery list, to-do list, and so on. Decorate your wall with a motivational quote for those grey, dark, and cloudy days.

Overall, I think this launch is the most colorful and exciting launch we have had yet! Happy shopping!