Christmas in July Sale - 2019

It’s that time of year to celebrate Christmas in July! I absolutely love the Christmas season so I have no problem watching Christmas music and listening to Christmas music this week.

Take this time to get an early start on your Christmas card shopping and gift buying this year. The sale ends this tomorrow. Here are a few things to know:

  • Products on sale are marked down.

  • The Christmas products have a HUGE discount.

  • Mystery boxes are available during this time (you will have a vague idea of what you will get in the box. i.e.: a set of birthday cards, a tote, an art print, and a notepad.) There will be a few listings of different offerings for each mystery box, so please read carefully and reach out if you have questions.

  • Once you receive your products, please remember to share photos of you opening your package a new products by tagging me with #aquaopalstudio and/or @aquaopalstudio. Seeing you unveil your products makes me day :)

  • Please reach out if you have any questions.


Summer Birthday Cards Launch 2019

It’s been about two months now since I last released new products. I created these designs in the winter when I was working on handmade birthday cards for my grandmothers as Christmas presents. I like how fun they are and are a way to celebrate those summer birthdays. They also make good cards to send “just because” you are thinking of someone or congratulating someone.

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Spring Collection 2019

Today I am launching several new birthday and thank you card designs, two notepads, two personalized stationery options, a canvas pouch/bag, and custom address stamps.

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New Beginnings

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and a punch to the gut. I was let go from my full-time job at the beginning of the month. I left with my head up, but deep down I was falling apart. It was my first job out of college and started off as an intern and worked my way up to full-time positions. I invested a lot of time there and made friends.

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What I am Thankful For

After a rough week at the time when I wrote this blog post, I decided I needed to share what I am thankful for. It’s easy to take for granted so many wonderful things we are blessed with in this one life we have.

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