Why I Started My Business

A Little Background

Let me start off with a bit of background to where I got to where I am today.

In high school, I wrote my college essay about how I would like to make stationery and greeting cards with my degree in graphic design. I graduated from high school and went to college. While I was there I discovered a different path. I wanted to do more with web design and coding and completely forgot about greeting cards and stationery.

I then graduated from college and started working as an intern for a communications company working on b2b publications and marketing materials. I started to have self-doubt about what path my life would take. After about a year working as an intern my life became uncertain. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic but my internship was ending and I had no job lined up. The guy I was dating at the time ended our relationship. I started to dive into a deep state of depression.

As I was sitting at my desk one day toward the end of my internship, a voice inside my head told me to go look at the Paper Source website. I have only been in the store once in my whole life at that point. I barely remembered most of what was in the shop. I only recall the cute little gift items they sold at the front of the store. I looked up them up and started browsing their site. I discovered that Paper Source had workshops on how to make greeting cards. I immediately signed up for one that sounded interesting.

After taking the first class, I jumped in and started buying supplies to make my own greeting cards. I signed up for several classes and would continue to experiment at home. I was no longer depressed. I had so much fun and enjoyed working on cards and would make greeting cards for family and friends as gifts. They loved them so much that they said I should open my own Etsy shop.

I was extremely hesitant about opening my own Etsy shop. I wasn't sure if I would have time to run a business. I had so much self-doubt. I read so many blog posts and articles about how to run an Etsy shop. I had so many questions, so when I decided to attend the Creative at Heart Conference many of my questions were answered and I just had to trust myself and my purpose to take the leap. What did I really have to lose? I would just be wondering what would have happened if I did take the leap and take the risk to start my own business.

Some of my   first greeting card designs   which are still available in the shop.

Some of my first greeting card designs which are still available in the shop.

Why I Took the Leap

To be honest, I love greeting cards and stationery. My friends have told me that their day was brightened when they received one of my cards. I want other people to feel that way. I want people to know that they matter any time of the year and not just around Christmas when people send Christmas cards explaining how their life is going. You don't have to wait until December to do that. You can do that any time of the year. 

My designs are for celebrations, but also for everyday purposes. I create cute, simple illustrations that many people admire. They can see the hard, craftsmanship in my work and would rather support a small business than a big corporate company such as Hallmark and American Greetings. These greeting cards can then be reused after being read as decorations to brighten up walls in an apartment or home.

There is such satisfaction when someone buys a card or an art print from me. I do a happy dance when I get a notification from Etsy that someone bought a product from my shop. I hurry to package up the order, write a personalized note and send it out to them as soon as possible. I want them to know that their purchase is important to me too. I want my customers to happy so they come back again and again.

The bottom line of my business is to provide a product to share with others to make them feel genuinely loved and cared about. I truly believe this business is one of the reasons I was created for. I was created to share my beautiful greeting cards and stationery with the world.

This inspirational art print is available in the   shop  .

This inspirational art print is available in the shop.